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Security Leadership (CISO, Director, Heads)

Security Leadership (CISO, Director, Heads)

Security Leadership (CISO, Director, Heads)

​Cyber security like all IT divisions usually requires a hierachy of some sort for organisational structure and efficient strategic decision making, some example leadership positions below:

A chief information security officer (CISO) is the senior-level executive within an organization responsible forestablishing and maintaining the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected.

Security Director:

The cyber security director is a leader on the IT team,responsible for developing and maintaining the security protocols that protect networks and databases, managing security personnel, and reporting on the state of the company's cyber security.

SOC Manager:

A SOC manager leads the security operations team and reports to the chief information security officer (CISO). They supervise the team, provide technical guidance and manage activities in the following ways: Oversees hiring, training and evaluating SOC staff.

Further Leadership:

These are just some examples of leadership roles within the cyber security space, if you take any specific technology such as DLP, in some cases especially within consulting companies there tends to be a leader in charge of each vertical of services, such as; "Head of DLP" or "Head of IAM" etc.

Example of successful hiring project:

Working with a global bank based in Denmark, Excelerate was tasked with hiring their top 4 "Pillar Heads". One being, "Head of Risk" the other being, "Head of DLP" and others architecture and operations leadership. Within a short space of time Excelerate secured all 4 hires and is subsequently working with the bank today to fulfill all of their security roles across Denmark, Lithuania and the UK. 

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