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The Excelerate Team

  • Jonathan Thornycroft
    Jonathan Thornycroft
    Director & Owner

    ​​​Jonathan's role at Excelerate is to see what the company could be, not what it is today.​That vision needs to be realised and Jonathan's day to ...

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  • Grace Wilkinson
    Grace Wilkinson
    Operations & Marketing Manager

    ​​​Grace is responsible for the organisational side of the business and is in charge of our marketing & online presence. ​Grace is passionate a...

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  • Ross Humbley
    Ross Humbley
    Key Account Director and Team Lead

    ​​​Ross directs Excelerate's largest and most demanding global account, he also leads a delivery function dedicated to that customer and organisati...

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  • Aisling Byrne-Hansen
    Aisling Byrne-Hansen
    Core Account Team Lead

    ​​​Ash has years of technical recruitment experience working within Excelerate and is the leader of the "Core Accounts Team". Together with her col...

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  • Shannon Ward
    Shannon Ward
    Client Relationships Manager

    ​​Shannon is a determined, tenacious and extremely driven person. ​The fire in her stomach fuels her passion, which is client relationships and dri...

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  • Miles Baxter
    Miles Baxter
    Senior Key Account Manager

    ​​​Miles has years of account management experience, previously working with private schools across the world organising sports tours. Miles has si...

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  • Joe Porter
    Joe Porter
    Core Account Senior Account Manager

    ​​​​Joe has a keen interest in working with our DACH based clients, in addition to our other European customers.​Some of our global clients require...

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  • Michael Willis
    Michael Willis
    Senior Key Account Manager

    ​​​Mike is responsible for managing a very important division within our biggest global customer, he is working day to day with business leaders an...

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  • Ollie Allen
    Ollie Allen
    Core Account Manager

    ​​​Ollie is a competitive, high energy and focussed individual, the sort of talent Excelerate needs and is proud of.Recently introduced to recruitm...

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  • Charli Walker
    Charli Walker
    Key Account Associate Consultant

    ​​​Charli has years of experience working within internal TA and HR functions combined with agency work - she knows how to combine the nature of de...

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  • Robin Davies
    Robin Davies
    Finance Manager

    ​​​​​Robin manages all things financially within Excelerate.​Managing invoices, payroll, financial consulting and working with our freelancers to e...

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