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Michael Willis

Michael Willis

Key Account Manager

About Michael

My role and that of my team is to spread the message that Excelerate is the go-to cybersecurity headhunting partner throughout the UK & Europe.  Connecting with leaders in key cybersecurity divisions, my goal is to understand their business, their headhunting process, recent/upcoming projects, how economic changes affect their business, what challenges they have when hiring, and how we can support them as a key partner in a challenging and exciting security market. 

I run business development training sessions and provide support for the wider consultancy team when needed to ensure we efficiently target the right people, with the right questions, to really understand their business as a potential partner. 

Self-awareness, self-improvement, a hunger to always be learning, and an unrivalled level of persistence. I own a sharp focus on the goal ahead, with a clear understanding of what we offer, and then highlighting the value we add to all of our current clients ensures every new interaction is targeted to support in the exact same way. The will to help people overcome challenges, as well as a desire to push our business forward and to create an environment that I enjoy, and thrive in.

If I'm not getting a beat down on COD - Warzone, you'll find me at home working on my Fantasy Novel, or outside flying/filming with my Mavic Pro. I also enjoy working 1-1 with my boxing coach to learn the technical skills of a sport I love. 

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