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Enzo Olde Wolbers

Enzo Olde Wolbers

Core Account Manager

About Enzo

Enzo is an intelligent, inquisitive and cultured individual with a keen eye for opportunity.

During his university career, Enzo spearheaded a project where he performed research into the psychology of professional football players, this was part of his fascination with the game and the applied science behind peak level performance. Enzo had to introduce himself to football agents, negotiate time for interviews and collate the information together to define various conclusions.

We feel Enzo will make a fantastic Recruiter, Account Manager and Excelete team fit - he has a warm character and cutting sense of humour.

At Exclelerate we strive to invest in people, in raw talent to develop our most valuable assets for the future, our people, and we feel Enzo represents that for us.

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